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  What better way to popularize your product and gain customers than being social? However, the definition of this word ‘social’ has changed. It no longer means going out and interacting with friends and other[…]

The appeal of the visuals

Content marketing through visuals Accept it, all of us wish to have a time-travel machine which will transport us to a time and world gone by. But this time travel to the past is certainly[…]

Content drives digital marketing

The link between content and digital marketing “Content marketing is all the marketing that is left”-Seth Godin Given the current importance of content for commercial success, content strategizing becomes an important part of the business.[…]

The trend of influencer marketing

Influencing decisions, one brand at a time When it comes to influencer marketing, brands have been speculating for a long time regarding the return of investment. Is influencer marketing that powerful to gain more customers[…]