Facebook your services now

Facebook is more than just liking posts We all post our most mundane and random things on Facebook, hoping to generate enough admiration and comments and maybe secretly also wishing to go viral. Such is[…]

Snap into the marketing mode

Using Snapchat for online marketing We humans love clicking pictures. Whether they are selfies, pictures of our dinner, pets or any random click, everyone is habituated to uploading pictures. Adding on to this picture crazy[…]

#InstaPost #InstaMarket

  What better way to popularize your product and gain customers than being social? However, the definition of this word ‘social’ has changed. It no longer means going out and interacting with friends and other[…]

The appeal of the visuals

Content marketing through visuals Accept it, all of us wish to have a time-travel machine which will transport us to a time and world gone by. But this time travel to the past is certainly[…]